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Produced by Alexandre Chapola and Against The 'Hero'.


released August 13, 2014

01. Behind The Scenes 02:46 (Leonardo Simões)
02. Darkness Battle 03:18 (Diego Kuschnir / Leonardo Simões)
03. Shame On You 03:31 (Diego Kuschnir)
04. I Will Hunt You Boss 04:11 (Leonardo Simões / Diego Kuschnir)
05. Crucify Me 03:57 (Diego Kuschnir)
06. Lord of The Faces 03:47 (Jaime Neto / Leonardo Simões)
07. 25 Seconds 00:25 (Leonardo Simões)
08. Territorial Genocide 03:58 (Diego Kuschnir / Leonardo Simões)
09. No Lies 02:49 (Leonardo Simões)
10. Yes We Can 03:17 (Diego Kuschnir / Leonardo Simões)
11. Your Money, Your Drug (+ bonus track) 08:58 (Diego Kuschnir / Leonardo Simões)

Participação de Victor Franciscon no vocal na faixa “Shame On You”.
Participação de Bruno Peras no vocal na faixa “Lord of the Faces”.
Participação de Plínio Fernandez no vocal na faixa “No Lies”.
Teclados, pianos e arranjos adicionais por Alexandre Chapola.

Todas as faixas gravadas, mixadas e masterizadas no Chapola Studio por Alexandre Chapola.
Todos os arranjos por Against The 'Hero' e Alexandre Chapola.


Feat. Victor Franciscon in "Shame On You";
Feat. Bruno Peras in “Lord of the Faces”.
Feat. Plínio Fernandez in “No Lies”.
Keyboards, pianos and additional music production by Alexandre Chapola.

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered at Chapola Studio by Alexandre Chapola
All music production by Against The 'Hero' and Alexandre Chapola.



all rights reserved


TogetherRecords Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Behind the Scenes
You still believe in things / that are on tv
Keeping your eyes / in gossip shows
Fake scenes / makes you happy
But the real truth you’ll never know

Read just / about pop stars
Use your / remote control
Why don’t you / ask some questions?
Cause tv gives you what you don’t need to know

Wake up right now
Stand up, and never let your head down

It’s a disease, to be stuck in your place
Including the lies in your behaving
Brain wash, happens day by day
But the real truth you’ll never know

Lights on, prepare your best lies
Being cool, for this talk show
Try to look like, how your lawyer said to
Cause tv made us douchebags and slow

Wake up right now
Stand up, and never let your head down

Oh oh
Nothing is like it really seems
Oh oh
Sad but true, what happens on tv
Oh oh
Looking at you, i see, you really don't care

Wake up right now
Stand up, and never let your head down

They're under control
Your brain go to dissolve
Track Name: Darkness Battle
It's better to make sure who you really are
If you can handle a fight
Without bleeding, without giving up

Be prepared and strong anytime
The battle of darkness is coming soon
Get your mask, and your sharpest knife

Explode, souls that swallow our desire
Going on
Won't steal it from me
And make sure
Who is around you tonight
So don't look back, slash all that you can

It’s better you have chosen the right side
If you become scared or not
Remember the reason of being there

Many soldiers, kids and wives will die
But without sacrifice
You cannot win this war

Tomorrow it will be better
And follow the path without dust
The scars on your face
Will remind you that day
Track Name: Shame on You
Combination between facts and situations drive us crazy
We are killing us here while you just care about yourself
I know, for sure, you don’t realize

Days of nightmares
It's our fault! We gave you all the power

You are a shame to …
You are a shame to …
You are a shame to us

Explanations and excuses, how can you sleep at night?
We don't believe in your lies hidden in your speeches
Now we realize

No more promises
We deserve a little bit of truth

You are a shame to …
You are a shame to …
You are a shame to us

Just get a bullet through your head
Do a favor to yourself

You are a shame to …
You are a shame to …
You are a shame to us
Track Name: I Will Hunt You Boss!
Nobody thinks that is true
Nobody cares about you
In this jungle of money

Don't make promises through lies
Day by day its a sacrifice
I won’t put my hands on fire

I don't believe those bullshit
My evil soul is not going to disappear
I will hunt you boss, and burn all your skin

Do what you need to do
Blow everything away
Do what you need to do
Go for a fight raising your fucking hands

It is now the time to rise against everything that consumes you

So watch your mouth
To don't get hurt
It's better you
Gimme back what I deserve

Do you think it's that funny
To steal all this money
From inside their homes
Track Name: Crucify Me
Show me something that is real
The way that you will prove to me how you were right
I trust in what my eyes can see but I respect what you believe
I never called you dumb

We have the same GOD
This won't be different
Remember what you learned
We came from the same place

You say that i'm wrong (That i'm not strong )
You think you are better than me

Judging me, accusing me
Contradicting yourself
Crucifying me
You need to be on your knees
To save your soul

If someday the world gets done as you say
I won’t be waiting

You scream to everyone “save yourself now if you are afraid”

If someday I watch some dead walker on the street
Like a movie
Maybe my way of thinking and all my reasons will fall down that day

Where is hidden the evil? I know where it is
Be what the heart asks for! My goal
Everything that I won
Everything that I know
Building walls using my own hands
Without being afraid of your words
Track Name: Lord of the Faces
Let's waste our lifetime
The Lord of the Faces is not done yet
With much fucking bullshit.
Use your brain!

I noticed, 80% of my friends are losers,
useless, and I may be one of them.

Holy Lord of the Rules!
Give us another disposable news.
Holy Lord of the Fake Faces.

Let's spend our time.
Looking for things about people’s life
In the web world, not in real life.
Fucking insane
Track Name: 25 seconds
Running faster
Like a disaster
Who is gonna
Make it stop?

Time is over
The game is done
You don’t get a chance anymore

Life is too short to spend your time with bullshit
Make the right choice so you won’t cry tomorrow
25 seconds to make your life go down
Track Name: Territorial Genocide
River of blood, arrows and spears against the guns
Sicknesses and rapes, they brought to everyone
Now we are walking over millions of innocents
There are no schools and books, that make us learn

Who said that you are home?
Who cares about you come from?
There is no safe place to go
Remember the beginning

Just your soul is your property
It was what they made you believe
Forget it all, forget the place that you were raised
Your friends and your family the games you used to play

There is no place that you are welcome
They play hard, They burn your home
It was planned a long time ago
Remember the beginning

No more fights and genocides
Around the world their greed is a disease
Population’s control, this is part of the show
Live the freedom that one day we thought we had found
Track Name: No Lies
Do you like to lie?
so don't do it behind my back
can I punch your face?
after all you've done to me

why are you hiding yourself
i can see you everywhere
your dirty smell will
show me the shortest way

to kick your ass
and mess with you
nobody lies to me

get away from my life
it's going to be good
get away from my side
i want you to tell me the truth

is it better to stuck my hands on your throat?
so I could hear a lot of valuable words
well done, this shit is enough
i could ride to the deepest hell just

to kick your ass
and fuck with you
nobody lies to me

get away from my life
it's going to be good
get away from my side
i want you to tell me the truth
Track Name: Yes We Can
Sometimes we need some help / but no one cares
Heroes are dying / I can see them falling down
And all the people are alone
Who pretends to fight?

We are all that we have
That's why you need to understand
For all, join us
Show that you are strong
We are so tired of crying
We didn't forget their lies
Stay together! Nothing more to lose

Emergency, use the phone
but now the lines are busy, you're in danger, you are so alone
Break your windows down
Run away of fire, let the smoke out
Track Name: Your Money, Your Drug
You are already born addicted
You got no choice, rules to live
A victim, will never be your fault
Look at me, I am the same as you

Let it go your way of living
And don,t worry about the money you need to earn
Let it go your way of thinking
Because you're still loosing all control

Your money just stones you
It closes your eyes from life
And make you forget it all

Even if you realize that you need to
get clean the the wrong side is stronger than you
A victim, will never be your fault
Look at me, I am the same as you